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Extruded seals made of premium materials
News from 25.02.2015

Butt joint vulcanized sealing profiles and rings for the food industry

EHEDG-conforming washers for open processes
News from 25.02.2015

The Hygienic Usit from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a EHEDG conforming solution for open and closed processes

Ordered - machined - delivered
News from 25.02.2015

Machined seals for the food industry

Food grade materials in accordance with EU Regulation 10/2011
News from 25.02.2015

New legal issues for plastics in contact with foods

Extractables as indication of process purity
News from 13.11.2014

Sealing specialist presents benchmark for purity of sealing materials

Fluoroprene XP, a media-resistant, universal material for the processing industry
News from 13.11.2014

Freudenberg presenting further developments of its all-around material

Premium clamp gaskets made of elastomer materials
News from 12.11.2014

Secure sealing of tube connections in the processing industry

A strong trio for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
News from 26.09.2014

Freudenberg rounds out its portfolio of flat gaskets with two new ePTFE variations

New flyers and brochures
News from 15.08.2014

Pump Summit 2014
News from 24.07.2014

Freudenberg as speaker at the Pump Summit Conference 2014

Annual press conference
News from 11.04.2014

Long-term strategy leads to sustained success

Troubleshooting around the globe
News from 27.11.2013

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' Xpress Service solves urgent sealing problems

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies launches innovation offensive
News from 15.11.2013

Weinheim-based seal manufacturer is presenting more than 40 new products and innovations

News from 13.11.2013

The magazine appeals to all of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' customers

Simmerring Radiamatic HTS II EWS
News from 11.07.2013

New Simmerring Radiamatic HTS II EWS for heightend wave effect

Food-Grade Material for Guide Bands
News from 10.07.2013

New PTFE compound increases service life for valves

Shaft Seals for Process Engineering Plants
News from 11.03.2013

Process Seals' standard series of six designs

Free of charge day tickets for the Powtech/ TechnoPharm
News from 08.03.2013

Process Seals to exhibit at the Powtech/ TechnoPharm 2013

Deionized Water Requires Special Sealing Solutions
News from 04.03.2013

Leaching caused by interaction of solvents and elastomer ingredients

HTS II with a shortened clamp ring
News from 26.09.2012

Customer specific sealing solution for the food and beverage industry

Re-Opening of the company exhibition of Freudenberg
News from 24.09.2012

Interactive exploration of the diverse competences of Freudenberg

US Contact for our US customers
News from 01.08.2012

Process Seals has a new sales manager responsible for the USA

White Simriz® 506 and 509 Compound
News from 28.03.2012

Process Seals Expands White Simriz® 506 and 509 Compounds into North American Processing Market

State of the USP Class VI certifications
News from 13.03.2012

Process Seals' compounds are tested according to all market specific regulations - for your safety

White EPDM for pharmaceutical applications
News from 06.03.2012

Process Seals Develops White Hygienic Sealing Material for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Biotech Applications

New brochure "Freudenberg-Expertise for the pharmaceutical industry"
News from 28.02.2012

Comprehensive Freudenberg expertise for pharmaceutical applications - four companies, four specializations, one source

New Hygienic Design-compatible washer
News from 08.02.2012

Process Seals Develops New Hygienic Design-compatible Washer for Food and Beverage, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Process Seals Introduces Fluoroprene® XP 40 Material to the North American Food and Beverage Processing Industry
News from 16.01.2012

Advanced sealing material offers outstanding resistance to cleaning solutions, fats and flavoring agents

USP Class VI
News from 01.12.2011

USP Class VI Testing - Now also Chapter 87-Compliant

High-Performance White Perfluoroelastomer for the Pharmaceutical Sector
News from 02.11.2011

Hygienic FFKM for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Success Story - "FDA compliant mixer shaft seal"
News from 30.06.2011

Mixer shaft seal converted for FDA compliance

Process Seals at the Microfluidics Roadshow 2011
News from 11.05.2011

VDMA professional association Micro Technology is organizing the second microfluidics roadshow

A new Compound for the Food and Beverage as well as the pharmaceutical industry
News from 26.05.2010

With 75 EPDM 253815, Process Seals has succeeded in developing a white EPDM material with the same performance as ist classic...

Process Seals at the Roadshow Mikrofluidik 2010
News from 25.05.2010

VDMA Micro Technology Association organizes the Roadshow Mikrofluidik

New generation of EPDM sealing materials
News from 01.10.2009

Optimized temperature and media stability combined with tested safety

Product identification increases sealing safety
News from 01.06.2009

The first fraud resistant identification procedure for elastomer seals worldwide

Test plant for sealing systems in the processing industry
News from 05.02.2009

The Process Seals test plant offers new validation options to perfectly match our seals with your individual CIP /SIP process.

ADI®-free sealing materials
News from 04.02.2009

Seals that are guaranteed to be without animal derived ingredients especially for the food and beverage production systems

Universal sealing material for the food and pharmaceutical industry
News from 03.02.2009

Excellent stability against CIP-SIP cleaning agents as well as fats and flavoring

Global Players among the EPDM seals
News from 02.02.2009

Seals that can be used worldwide for the drinks, food and pharmaceutical industry

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Food-Grade Material for Guide Bands

New PTFE compound increases service life for valves

Freudenberg Helps Customers Successfully Navigate a Maze of International Food and Beverage Regulations

Materials that meet new EC Regulation 10/2011 already validated and available